THCA Diamonds - Indica

THCA Diamonds - Indica

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THCA stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. Raw and live cannabis have the largest concentrations of it. THCA slowly converts to THC as a plant dries. Heating cannabis speeds the process up.
THCA crystalline is the result of isolating the THCA content from a cannabis plant. Breaking it down into a powder makes it easier to fill pills with.

– Eating THCA
Raw cannabis is a known superfood. Juicing cannabis can provide higher levels of THCA. Eating high levels of THCA can help to balance out an endocannabinoid deficiency without the high. Endocannabinoid deficiencies are responsible for several debilitating medical conditions. Certain people that are sensitive to THC cannot consume enough of the cannabinoid to relieve their symptoms. Fortunately, they can still find equal or greater relief from eating raw cannabis.

– Dabbing THCA Crystalline
If you’re a fan of cannabis’ psychoactive effects, you’re better off dabbing your isolated THCA. Unlike most other extracts, alone, THCA takes on the form of crystals and there is slim to no terpene content. That’s why high terpene extracts are reintroduced to the crystals to make “sauce”.

– Final Hit: THCA Crystalline
THCA crystalline has been rapidly growing in popularity since Guild Extracts introduced us to it a few years back. Isolated THCA offers two totally different ways to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant. If the psychoactive effects of THC put you into a panic, you’re better off eating THCA powder. For those seeking new highs, dabbing THCA will get you exactly where you want to be.

THCA is a nonpsychoactive precursor to THC, which means it won’t get you high. This is the reason cannabis must be decarboxylated in an oven before being used in edibles. The process ensures all the THCA has been converted into THC so you can experience the full psychoactive effects. Terpenes help cannabinoids penetrate the blood-brain barrier and they can also influence how much THC is allowed to pass the barrier. They also provide the flavor and aroma of cannabis.


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