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Blue Rhino Kief

Blue Rhino Kief

C$11.00 Regular Price
C$8.80Sale Price

This Blue Rhino Kief is one of the strongest concentrations of trichomes we have ever come across. It offers an exceptional balance of flavours and potency.  Our Blue Rhino Kief is made from the Blue Rhino flower.

This Blue Rhino Hybrid offers an exceptional balance of both Sativa and indica effects. For instance, it has a very calm euphoric high that comes on quickly and is met with full-body relaxation. This indica dominant hybrid (55% indica / 45% Sativa) is the creation of the breeders at Positronics. By crossing two delicious and potent strains in Blueberry and White Rhino, they have created a new hybrid that tastes sweet and skunky. Unlike heavier Indicas, Blue Rhino’s balance of effects helps keep your mind active while relaxing the body. This makes it an excellent strain for combatting mood disorders, anxiety and depression, as well as combatting chronic pain and fatigue.

Though Blue Rhino is nearly a balanced hybrid, don’t expect any energetic and invigorating Sativa dominant effects. The high comes on slow and smooth and provides lasting euphoria and feelings of happiness. Your body slowly eases itself into a deep and relaxing state, while your mind stays alert. The sedation is remarkable, making Blue Rhino a preferred strain of many cannabis users with chronic pain or fatigue.