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Albino Penis Envy

Albino Penis Envy

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Albino penis envy mushrooms evoke intense feelings of euphoria, happiness, and deep introspection. It’s an interesting way to subdue feelings of uneasiness or anxiety and chalk up a conversation. The social benefits of penis envy shrooms are incredible. Along with causing mental stimulation and making you more energetic, this strain is known to increase your self-confidence in social settings and giving you a greater sense of connection and extroversion. This is the type of mushroom you need when you want to sink into deep thought and come up with better ideas.

The super potency of the albino penis envy mushrooms can be attributed to its genetic makeup (the combination of the infamous penis envy and albino PE), and its slow-growing process which prompts more production of psilocybin. Also, the albinism in the penis envy mushroom contributes to the higher potency.

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